How to Use Chatline Data to Improve Recruitment

Providers Collect Huge Amounts of  Data. But They Often Fail to Use this Big Data. In this Webinar, I’ll Explain How to Use Chatline Data to Drive Recruitment & Sales

Chatlines have really taken off in the education and retail sectors. In some countries, not a college or university is without a web-based chatline. And these chatlines gather huge amounts of data that most of us are unaware of and/or ignore. But it is a valuable source of marketing information and is very easy to interrogate and use to improve both website performance and recruitment at nil cost.

In this short webinar I’ll explain how I use data from one chatline system, Pubble, to analyse thousands of pieces of data and use the results to improve website performance, chatline performance, sales and recruitment.


The webinar is on December 14th at 1 pm GMT. It is free and you can register here

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