The One About the Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees

Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees Are a New Education RealityIn my Recent FE News article I spoke about Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees

I said, “Over recent years you will have undoubtedly have heard of bitcoins and the technology that powers them, the blockchain. The two are synonymous in the minds of many but are in fact only loosely related in reality. The blockchain is no more than a glorified ledger used to record any form of transaction, in this case, the bitcoin transactions.

Blockchains can be used to record any action or transaction. Things like the actions and transactions that occur in education. Things like modules taken and/or passed.

Blockchain is only important because, due to its dispersed storage nature, it is virtually impossible to change a record after it is entered into the system. That’s why bitcoin uses it. Transactions are recorded without risk of being corrupted or amended thereafter.

More importantly Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees will change education economics and the way we view UnderFunding.


How Employers Can Use Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees

Blockchain would also mean that employers could search for people that have exactly the right experience they need. They could search for both modules taken, and accredited work experience, to find the right candidates.

Employers could also sponsor prospective employees to take specified modules and gain specified experience. Of course, sponsorship is not new. The military and some multinationals have been doing it for years.

But what if an IT employer wants someone with 2-3 very specific skills that are so new that they are not included as modules in a current degree course?

Follow this link to learn more about the World of Blockchain, BitDegrees and MicroDegrees.

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