Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding

Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFundingYour Next New Customer Is Likely to Be An Existing Customer Provided You Over Deliver on Your Promises. For Success, You Need to Know How Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding Works.

What I’m going to explain applies to 16-19 and employers depending on how you deliver it. There is a Formula to Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding 

Get this right and people come back to you again and again .. or recommend you to others.

I hate the word “superpleasing” but that is the word David Maister uses in his book  “Managing the Professional Services Firm” and the principle applies to FE as much as any other professional business.

And with underfunding being a major issue we need to find ways to get extra bums on seats whilst not spending too much.

The Other Benefits of Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding

As well as helping you to increase income and cut cost getting more custom this way saves time and is much easier. So the question has to be asked .. Why do we put so much effort into getting new customers but not put as much effort into existing or recent customers?

After all, these people already know and trust us. They’ve sampled our wares and been happy.

Some FE providers make some attempt at getting previous students and employers back on board by sending them sales emails. Others use advertising ploys like targeting a past student list with Facebook ads. But this is a typical marketing response and costs time and money. It also fails to add value to the ex-student or employer.

So How Can You Be Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding?

There are dozens of ways. Here’s just one example.

Run an event that will be attractive to the ex-students or employers you want to target. Ensure the topic is attractive to them. For example, I’ve run events like “Marketing for Art and Design”  and “iPhone Photography for Chefs, Food & Catering Establishments”.

Invite them. Encourage them to bring a friend or colleague. Give them Tea, Coffee, Nibbles, Beer .. whatever is suitable.

Remind them in the talk about the other courses they could do .. don’t do this as a separate session as it makes it too salesy. You want to keep it low key so it feels like they’ve had a gift and not been sold to.


Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding With Existing Students or Clients

Don’t wait until someone is an ex-student. Spend some time, money and effort ensuring the existing course over delivers. Provide free lunches or additional sessions, include an additional module at no extra cost. The extra module might be offered online so take no additional staff time .. bit if well delivered, it will superplease your customer.

The idea throughout the Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding process is to bring in additional income by improving sales. But it doesn’t rely on marketing or sales as much as giving the client added value that impresses and pleases them. Providing a great job is just the baseline that is expected. You need to go beyond that to a position where the students/customers tell everyone how great you are a.. and buys again themselves.

Find a way to superplease them and you’ll get a better ROI than conventional marketing will ever achieve.

For more on FE Provider Marketing go to our sister site www.ProviderMasterMind.com

There’s even more about UnderFunding at http://www.underfundededucation.co.uk/can-crows-teach-us-lessons-about-underfunding/

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