July 25, 2017


FE Estates costs Can Eat into the FE Budget.How Managing FE Estates Differently Can Aid CEOs  & Principals To Create Financially Viable Organisations That Are Agile and Able to Anticipate and React to Change.

Building stock is expensive, so are IT systems, vehicle fleets, power costs and all the other parts of the FE estates function. If we can reduce their costs, without compromising quality etc. then your organisation can become easier to manage financially.

This is a huge challenge: but not an insurmountable one. Costs can be significantly reduced. To do so requires us to rethink the estates function. It often also means we need to rethink those other parts of the organisation that interact with Estates. That could mean curriculum,  business development, employer engagement, commercial activities etc.


Exemplars of Good FE Estates Practice 

College A reduced heating costs by installing ground heat source pumps.

College B reduced electricity bills by changing their lighting from conventional strip lighting tubes to LEDs.

College C moved all their IT to the cloud and saved on server space, capital costs, staffing and more.

Provider D now use electric vehicles for trips between centres.

Provider E uses their classrooms 7 days a week, 50 weeks a year.


Of course good general housekeeping stil plays dividends in keeping down estates costs. Everything from using low energy lighting to proximity sensors on the lighting system to installing litter bins in the right positions (to cut down on litter) will cut costs.


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