How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

How to Nurture "Maybe" Prospects at Nil CostA Lot of People You Meet, Visit Your Website or  Engage with You on Social Media Might Become Customers. But Most Will Not. So How Do You Nurture Them and Encourage Them to Convert From “Maybe” to Definite?


Today this is much easier and lower cost than its ever been. The Internet has changed everything. Today it costs nothing to add extra pages to the website you’ve already paid for, social media is free and so is email in most cases. So nurturing prospects can be done at nil cost .. or very close to it. And I can show you How to Nurture Maybe Prospects at Nil Cost.

The problem with nurturing “Maybes” is most people either don’t nurture people until they are warm prospects .. or they cold call people that have shown no interest to date. The people being ignored are those that are already aware of you and, with a bit of gentle persuasion, will convert into paying customers. These people are often ignored as the effort required appears to be high.

It needn’t be high as I will explain.


The Prospect Nurture Conversion Formula: How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

So let me explain a formula that works very well and is very low cost.

Firstly you need to attract the potential prospect’s attention. So you need to offer them something of interest that grabs their attention and is sufficiently interesting as to become compelling. (This is the same as the first part of the AIDA model for advertising).

A great way to do this is to write a piece of advice as a booklet or white paper. It should address an issue that your typical prospect is interested in and will engage with. For SMEs it might be how to market a small business. For larger businesses, you may need to be less generic and focus on a more specific issue, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Now post a page on your website that talks about the advice you are offering and how to get a full copy. Post information about this offer on social media. Ensure you write your copy in such a way as to make your offer compelling.

To get the advice document you need people to download it. In return, you need their email address and name.

Ensure you comply with GDPR at this stage. Only ask for contact details you need to send them the advice document, be transparent and tell them you’d like to send them follow-up info over the next months. The reason for the latter is that you want to send related info to keep them warm until they convert. Ensure they realise they can unsubscribe at any time and don’t make advice document conditional on them agreeing to receive the follow-up.

The follow-up emails need to be closely related to the content of the advice document. This is why SME marketing info is ideal, you can follow up with a range of topics provided they follow the general marketing theme. In the follow-up emails you can also offer discount vouchers, invites to events or webinars etc. There is no reason why you can’t also make commercial offers at these events if you wish.


More on How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

What I find is that a percentage of people that receive your advice on a regular basis eventually contact me and ask for a meeting or quote. In most cases, they don’t approach anyone else .. so I’m not in a competition to get the businesses. In several cases, the contracts have been worth six figures.  And as the costs have been close to nil I’d argue that to all extents and purposes the costs are nil.

That’s not to say that time isn’t needed to write the copy in the original document or for the emails. But we are talking about a few hours here and there. And with contracts worth six figures the ROI is huge. And once the first contract is underway I’darguee the costs of setting up this process have been paid and thereon in the costs actually are nil.

Bear in mind that if the copy you write is evergreen it is reused month after month and there is very little additional cost to underwrite!


Why I Like This Method of How to Nurture Maybe Prospects at Nil Cost

I particularly like this process as much of it. once set up, can be automated.

I also prefer it to poinding the phones in the hope I’ll find someone with enough time to talk to me that also needs my product or service.

Lastly, I like it because any business or college can do this.

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