Funding Reliance Dangers

Funding reliance, About Underfunding: FE Underfunding Can Lead to Debts and Notices of Financial ConcernFunding Reliance: If You Are >80% Reliant on Government Sourced Funding You Might Want to Consider the Recent AEB, Apprenticeships and learndirect Issues

Who runs your organisation? Is is it you or are you really controlled by your funding? And bearing in mind the recent funding issues do you want to be so reliant on government funding?

Would you like more autonomy?

For several years we’ve been researching solutions to funding reliance. We’ve discovered a range of solutions that work very well for the organisations that employ them. These businesses have reduced funding reliance and can make decisions without the problems related to funding reliance.

None of the solutions are earth shattering. But to implement them you may need to break away from your established practices and do the things differently.

Want to learn more about what our research says. Give me a ring or drop me an email now. Stefandrew@gmail .com


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