August 18, 2017

FE Success Research Findings: The Characteristics of Outstanding & Failing Education & Training Providers

There is an Underfunding FE Myth; it’s that a Future Government Will Fund FE More Generously

If like me you believe that more generous funding is highly unlikely you are part way to finding the solutions needed. We have to ensure we remain financially viable without more funds. Many providers are finding this nigh impossible. It isn’t impossible; but it is challenging.

I’ve also conducted a survey of providers. It’s taken several years and has involved more than 200 providers. Most are UK based with a handful being based in the US, France, Portugal, South Africa and assorted other countries..

One thing became very obvious as we conducted our FE Success Research survey. It’s that outstanding providers do things differently; they obey the rules but apply them in a different way. They Achieve the Impossible 


FE Success Research Conclusions

My research has led me to the view that the impact of FE underfunding can be overcome. The solution centres on how we use our limited resources. When, many years ago, I taught agricultural business management the accepted wisdom was that resources comprised, land, labour and capital. It was a simplistic view but one that is still partially true today with some exceptions. Today our capital is becoming depleted. But our people resource is now better educated and we need to understand that our “land” includes not just our buildings and the land they stand on. Our resources now include a wealth of technology that sits alongside a better educated team. This provides a tremendous resource that can be tapped into.

To best utilise all of our resources we first need to review where we are now and where we need to get to. Then we need to devise different ways of doing things. Many people think this means we need to be innovative. To an extent that is correct but there is much to be learnt from other providers that do things differently to us before we innovate. We need an FE Financial Viability Strategic Roadmap.



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