An Effective Low Cost FE Business Development Marketing Systems That Make Profit

Finding Profitable Business Clients is Not Easy Unless You Have an Easy to Implement System or Process

Profitable clients don’t grow in trees. They take a lot of cultivating. It’s rare that you can meet a new prospect and turn them into a profitable client in a day. It takes time and effort.

But there are ways that you can make the process far less arduous. It can be easier and less effort than you may be used to.


Focusing on Your Target Audience

When trying to sell a course its easy to use a blunderbuss to try to hit your target. For example; if you are trying to get employers to enrol staff onto a CIM course you probably chase a wide range of businesses. It sort of makes sense because every business needs to market. But there is another way. Why not focus on a particular sector? And why not start by targetting employers that already know you? You could look at every retailer of a certain size that has sent someone to you in recent years and promotes your CIM courses to them.  Or you might even use laser targeting and focus on legal practices .. they are in need of marketing.

The thing is if you focus on one sector at a time you get to understand that sector and their specific problems. You can talk with more authority as you get to understand their particular issues. When they feel you understand them they are more likely to click with you, trust you and use you as their preferred provider.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation is often misunderstood. Buying a list of people in a sector isn’t lead generation. These people don’t know you and will probably consider your email to be spam. And if you cold call them don’t expect them to drop everything to talk to you. They will have deadlines and priorities and as they don’t know you it means you are an interruption.

So you need to discover a way to generate leads without being considered spammy or tacky.

LinkedIn is a great way to get build relationships and generate leads. So is writing articles or posts for trade magazines or websites. Putting great content on your own website and posting it on social media can also work. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to generate leads

Lastly, you need a way to move from lead generation to follow up. Just generating leads and doing nothing with them is no good. Sending them a couple of sales letters or emails is also going to yield badly compared with really cultivating theses leads. For that, you need ongoing nurture.


Ongoing Nurture

Ongoing nurture is key to success.



Win Clients

Winning clients


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