How to Market a College Commercial Activities such as Restaurants

Commercial Activity in FE Colleges  includes Restaurants, Hair and Beauty Salons & GymsCollege Restaurants are a Common Commercial Activity in FE Colleges. Commercial Activity in FE Colleges is Essential for Several Reasons; It Provides Students with Commercial Experience. Equally as Important for Underfunded Education, It Provides an Additional Income Stream

Sadly many commercial activities such as restaurants, hair and beauty salons and gyms fail to provide the necessary amount of experience the students deserve. And they don’t often generate the level of income and profit generation expected. Why does Commercial Activity in FE Colleges fail?

To answer that there’s a question that has to be asked: how can customer numbers and commercial income be improved to the levels required? And in the context of this post; How do you successfully market a college restaurant?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my latest book. And although I wrote it from the perspective of all commercial restaurants and related businesses; the advice given is relevant to any FE commercial venture. Marketing skills, strategies and tactics are transferable!

To write the book I’ve visited college restaurants, gyms, hair and beauty salons, plus commercial catering premises in the UK, Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa and Eire. I’ve also sought the advice of restaurant owners, MDs and managers internationally.

The result is a 36,000-word book, that addresses virtually every eventuality and should be required reading for those managing Commercial Activity in FE Colleges

The book’s content ranges from traditional to digital marketing. From the three types of advertising & the 4Ps to websites, SEO,  PR, social media and some Quirky Marketing Ideas that actually work! The “final course” is called Your Perfect Marketing Plan and offers access to a marketing plan for personal use.

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