Using Chatline Optimisation to Save Money and Increase Income

Education UnderFunding Brings Out the Micawber in Providers

If we can’t increase our funding we need to cut costs and/or optimise the funding we do have.

Some providers have a distinct advantage here. These are the providers that use website based Chatlines .. especially if they use Pubble.

The reason for saying this is that chatlines capture huge amounts of data and, when this data is analysed, it provides incredibly powerful insights into our audiences.

These insights then lead to websites improvements, faster query response times (which means more applications) and less expense. The staff savings alone pay for the installation and analysis many times over.

Smoke and Mirrors

Marketers often tell me about how they believe in big data … but I’ve yet to find one that is utilising chatline data .. and it is BIG DATA at its best.

In this video Pubble’s CEO, John Dineen, digs deep into my methodology. I think what surprised John most when we first discussed this was how much data the Pubblebot amassed and how we could tap into it so easily. I reveal to John that the download and analysis is really quick and results can be apparent in less than an hour.


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