The One About the Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees

In my Recent FE News article I spoke about Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees I said, “Over recent years you will have undoubtedly have heard of bitcoins and the technology that powers them, the blockchain. The two are synonymous in the minds of many but are in fact only loosely related in reality. The blockchain is Read more about The One About the Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees[…]

Employer Providers Are a Financial Threat to Conventional FE

Employer Provider Pose a Threat to Conventional FE ProvidersEmployer Providers Pose a Significant Threat to Conventional FE in a Time of “UnderFunding”


As if “underfunding” wasn’t a big enough threat to FE we are now faced with Employer Providers registering on RoATP  

If large employers register to provide their own apprenticeship programmes a lucrative slice of income will be lost to FE. It’s not that total numbers will diminish significantly in the short term as it is SMEs that employer most people in the country. But large employers represent a tranche of apprentices that are low hanging fruit in many senses.  Where else can we go and see several apprentices in one location and perhaps deal with the same manager for each of them?


Employer Providers Article

A recent article in FE News deals with various aspects of employer providers and poses a number of questions.  It’s a good article but like all short articles, it cannot cover the topic in depth.  What it misses are the advantages employers will reap in providing their own training and the threat they pose once established.

I commented on these points in my reply to the article.

This is what I said … […]

How Budgets Will be Saved in Future

Is the Death of Conventional Colleges Imminent? My recent article suggests that funding constraints will continue and indeed accelerate with conventional colleges dying! Is this a radical idea unlikely to happen? Well over 100 have shared the article so it is certainly hitting a nerve with many people. Follow the link to see if you Read more about How Budgets Will be Saved in Future[…]

Are You Really in the Education Sector?

Providers need to determine the business they are in.

In the US the West was won by the railroads driving tracks across the prairies and over the mountains of the continent. The men running the railroads were in the railroad industry and soon owned the largest companies in the world.

Then came the airlines …. and the railroad business shrunk. The problem was that they were in the railroad business and couldn’t compete. Think how different it would have been if they had the mindset of being in the travel and freight business.

There is a lesson for FE here


New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE

As Costs Soar & Inflation Bites the Public Sector Needs to Save Money Six months ago I knew that curriculum based videos for every course was a potential recruitment winner. But I wasn’t suggesting to many providers as the cost was prohibitive. But technology has changed all that. Today I’m using a videobot to produce high Read more about New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE[…]

How To Objectively Plan Change .. Based on Research by Trope and Liberman

Planning Change in an Objective Manner is Hard. The Problem is Temporal Construal. It is Harder to See What to Do Today Than Actions We Might Take in the Distant Future.

Tempoaral Construal Demands a Helicopter View .... image by Liv Bruce

Decison Making Involves Temporal Construal & Demands a Helicopter View

The advice I’m about to give is based on research by Trope and Liberman. It was carried out in 2003 but holds true today for any type of decision and planning situation (including how to manage underfunding and change in the education sector).

The problem is that our decisions are guided by the proximity of the event we are making a decision about. For example planning an overseas trip will be carried out in totally different ways depending on the time proximity to our travel date. When planning for a trip to another continent in a years time we will tend to spend a lot of time deciding on where we will stay, the best mode of transport, what we plan to do when there, the best way to carry money (credit card, travel cards, cash, exchange rates) etc. We’ll take time over this before we start booking flights and accommodation.

The situation will be totally different if we suddenly find we need to be at the same destination in a couple of days time. Our first consideration is probably going to be to find a flight and book it while it is still available. Then we’ll look for somewhere to stay and then work down through our list in a totally different way. Our priorities will have shifted and with it our mindset will alter.


The TES Agrees “Colleges need to rethink how they deal with poor performance”

Throughout This Site and For Years I’ve Been Saying FE Needs to Rethink …. And Now The TES Agrees With Me  .. at Least as Far as Poor Performance Goes.    Stephen Exley, in his recent TES article, talks about this as being a 24 year old problem. One that has been around since incorporation. Read more about The TES Agrees “Colleges need to rethink how they deal with poor performance”[…]