Save Money & Effort By Recruiting Effectively

Providers Spend Huge Sums Recruiting Students onto Marginal Courses That Make Losses It costs a lot of money to run recruitment campaigns for marginal courses. And when a course isn’t fully recruited it costs a lot to service the course. The problem is we are starting from the wrong end. We shouldn’t be saying here’s Read more about Save Money & Effort By Recruiting Effectively[…]

How Budgets Will be Saved in Future

Is the Death of Conventional Colleges Imminent? My recent article suggests that funding constraints will continue and indeed accelerate with conventional colleges dying! Is this a radical idea unlikely to happen? Well over 100 have shared the article so it is certainly hitting a nerve with many people. Follow the link to see if you Read more about How Budgets Will be Saved in Future[…]

Are You Really in the Education Sector?

Providers need to determine the business they are in.

In the US the West was won by the railroads driving tracks across the prairies and over the mountains of the continent. The men running the railroads were in the railroad industry and soon owned the largest companies in the world.

Then came the airlines …. and the railroad business shrunk. The problem was that they were in the railroad business and couldn’t compete. Think how different it would have been if they had the mindset of being in the travel and freight business.

There is a lesson for FE here


Why Can’t Education Operate 52 Weeks a Year?

The UK and US Education Terms Are Based Around Harvest Dates The three term structure is well embedded in education. It was originally based around farming. Local farmers needed young people for the harvest sop they skipped school. So schools went with the flow and closed. The whole system was built around the harvest. So now Read more about Why Can’t Education Operate 52 Weeks a Year?[…]

Three Ways AI is Impacting Education: Saving Money & Improving Quality

If FE is to Be Agile and Forward Thinking We Need to Appreciate How AI Can Help in The Classroom and in Support Areas This video shows a handful of ways in which AI can help in teaching at all ages and levels. AI can also be a huge help in support areas where it Read more about Three Ways AI is Impacting Education: Saving Money & Improving Quality[…]