Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing

Provider Marketing research Indicates that The Bigger the Marketing Budget the Smaller the ROI. Most Colleges Are “UnderFunded” So Let’s Consider Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing.   It’s ironic really but over the last few years I’ve reviewed the marketing of providers where the budget has ranged from £35k to way over Read more about Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing[…]

How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

A Lot of People You Meet, Visit Your Website or  Engage with You on Social Media Might Become Customers. But Most Will Not. So How Do You Nurture Them and Encourage Them to Convert From “Maybe” to Definite?   Today this is much easier and lower cost than its ever been. The Internet has changed everything. Read more about How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost[…]

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?The Correct Data Needs to Be Defined if We Are to Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data

But how do we be sure we are making Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

The old mantra says that if you can’t see, or define it, you can’t measure it.

So step one on making decisions is to understand and agree what data is required to measure and evaluate things.

In FE you can’t argue that marketing is doing really well based solely on website hits, Facebook likes or marketing spend. What really matters are how many bums get on seats.

Along the way we can measure website hits .. but no one has to go to the website to get their bum on a seat. We can measure Facebook likes … but no one needs a Facebook account to put their bum on a seat. And how much you spend is immaterial .. except I’d like to see you spend much less and get better results.

The one thing that is sure is that spending more on marketing doesn’t help balance to income/expenditure see-saw.

We also know that if you’ve kept very good records that the interim measurement s like website hits may roughly correlate to the number of bums on seats. But it is a crude metric at best.

But there’s more to it than this. […]

How to Use Chatline Data to Improve Recruitment

Providers Collect Huge Amounts of  Data. But They Often Fail to Use this Big Data. In this Webinar, I’ll Explain How to Use Chatline Data to Drive Recruitment & Sales Chatlines have really taken off in the education and retail sectors. In some countries, not a college or university is without a web-based chatline. And these chatlines Read more about How to Use Chatline Data to Improve Recruitment[…]

How Budgets Will be Saved in Future

Is the Death of Conventional Colleges Imminent? My recent article suggests that funding constraints will continue and indeed accelerate with conventional colleges dying! Is this a radical idea unlikely to happen? Well over 100 have shared the article so it is certainly hitting a nerve with many people. Follow the link to see if you Read more about How Budgets Will be Saved in Future[…]

Are You Really in the Education Sector?

Providers need to determine the business they are in.

In the US the West was won by the railroads driving tracks across the prairies and over the mountains of the continent. The men running the railroads were in the railroad industry and soon owned the largest companies in the world.

Then came the airlines …. and the railroad business shrunk. The problem was that they were in the railroad business and couldn’t compete. Think how different it would have been if they had the mindset of being in the travel and freight business.

There is a lesson for FE here


New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE

As Costs Soar & Inflation Bites the Public Sector Needs to Save Money Six months ago I knew that curriculum based videos for every course was a potential recruitment winner. But I wasn’t suggesting to many providers as the cost was prohibitive. But technology has changed all that. Today I’m using a videobot to produce high Read more about New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE[…]

Childcare Funding for Under 20s With Children

The Care to Learn Scheme Funds Childcare for Young Parents. This is one way to beat underfunding. Students are eligible for Care to Learn if: you’re a parent under 20 at the start of your course you’re the main carer for your child you live in England you’re either a British citizen or a national Read more about Childcare Funding for Under 20s With Children[…]

FE News Exclusive: Lessons from Supermarkets – The Real Key to FE Recruitment

Are You An Aldi or Tesco Type Providers? In the supermarket world there is a close correlation between profitability and customer service quality. I delve into this in my latest FEW News Exclusive on Lessons from Supermarkets. So which supermarket are you?   https://www.fenews.co.uk/featured-article/14682-lessons-from-supermarkets-the-real-key-to-fe-recruitment