Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing

Provider Marketing research Indicates that The Bigger the Marketing Budget the Smaller the ROI. Most Colleges Are “UnderFunded” So Let’s Consider Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing.   It’s ironic really but over the last few years I’ve reviewed the marketing of providers where the budget has ranged from £35k to way over Read more about Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing[…]

Who Controls Your College or Training Organisation?

College Incorporation Fooled Many People into Thinking They Controlled Colleges. Some Thought That Because The Corporation Had Legal Ownership They “Owned” the College. But Incorporation or “Legal Ownership” Isn’t The Same as Control.   It’s a bit like people that think they own their businesses when the reality is that the bank owns most of Read more about Who Controls Your College or Training Organisation?[…]

Notices of Financial Concern are Being Triggered by Outdated Practices

Notices of Financial Concern Are Hitting More & More Providers. Sometimes They Are Triggered by Non Payment of Invoices and Sometimes By Outdated Practices Being Used For example the ESFA recently reported on a provider where they stated “colleges finances were poor with some accounting still being done in hand written ledgers.” Soon after the Read more about Notices of Financial Concern are Being Triggered by Outdated Practices[…]

How to Market a College Commercial Activities such as Restaurants

Commercial Activity in FE Colleges  includes Restaurants, Hair and Beauty Salons & GymsCollege Restaurants are a Common Commercial Activity in FE Colleges. Commercial Activity in FE Colleges is Essential for Several Reasons; It Provides Students with Commercial Experience. Equally as Important for Underfunded Education, It Provides an Additional Income Stream

Sadly many commercial activities such as restaurants, hair and beauty salons and gyms fail to provide the necessary amount of experience the students deserve. And they don’t often generate the level of income and profit generation expected. Why does Commercial Activity in FE Colleges fail?

To answer that there’s a question that has to be asked: how can customer numbers and commercial income be improved to the levels required? And in the context of this post; How do you successfully market a college restaurant?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my latest book. And although I wrote it from the perspective of all commercial restaurants and related businesses; the advice given is relevant to any FE commercial venture. Marketing skills, strategies and tactics are transferable!

To write the book I’ve visited college restaurants, gyms, hair and beauty salons, plus commercial catering premises in the UK, Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa and Eire. I’ve also sought the advice of restaurant owners, MDs and managers internationally. […]

Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

UnderFunding and Crows. UnderFunding and Crows. A Strange Mix, So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

Well, it’s quite simple. When the New Caledonian Crow was short of resources due to “underfunding” they innovated. I believe what they did points towards our future. Here is the answer to Can Crows Teach Use Lessons About UnderFunding? It’ll make you think!

We used to hear that what differentiated mankind from other animals we the fact they could fashion and make tools. Then chimps were found achieving this .. and then crows were found to excel with tools.

But that’s not all. The New Caledonian Crow has been found capable of analysing their tools and innovating. They used to use straight probes to dig grubs out of the bark in trees. Then they discovered that a hook added to the probe increased efficiency. Research shows that when a crow adds a hook they are TEN times more efficient at hooking grubs out of the holes in trees.


So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?


Employer Providers Are a Financial Threat to Conventional FE

Employer Provider Pose a Threat to Conventional FE ProvidersEmployer Providers Pose a Significant Threat to Conventional FE in a Time of “UnderFunding”


As if “underfunding” wasn’t a big enough threat to FE we are now faced with Employer Providers registering on RoATP  

If large employers register to provide their own apprenticeship programmes a lucrative slice of income will be lost to FE. It’s not that total numbers will diminish significantly in the short term as it is SMEs that employer most people in the country. But large employers represent a tranche of apprentices that are low hanging fruit in many senses.  Where else can we go and see several apprentices in one location and perhaps deal with the same manager for each of them?


Employer Providers Article

A recent article in FE News deals with various aspects of employer providers and poses a number of questions.  It’s a good article but like all short articles, it cannot cover the topic in depth.  What it misses are the advantages employers will reap in providing their own training and the threat they pose once established.

I commented on these points in my reply to the article.

This is what I said … […]

How Budgets Will be Saved in Future

Is the Death of Conventional Colleges Imminent? My recent article suggests that funding constraints will continue and indeed accelerate with conventional colleges dying! Is this a radical idea unlikely to happen? Well over 100 have shared the article so it is certainly hitting a nerve with many people. Follow the link to see if you Read more about How Budgets Will be Saved in Future[…]

New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE

As Costs Soar & Inflation Bites the Public Sector Needs to Save Money Six months ago I knew that curriculum based videos for every course was a potential recruitment winner. But I wasn’t suggesting to many providers as the cost was prohibitive. But technology has changed all that. Today I’m using a videobot to produce high Read more about New Technology Brings Significant Savings for FE[…]

Funding Reliance Dangers

Funding Reliance: If You Are >80% Reliant on Government Sourced Funding You Might Want to Consider the Recent AEB, Apprenticeships and learndirect Issues Who runs your organisation? Is is it you or are you really controlled by your funding? And bearing in mind the recent funding issues do you want to be so reliant on Read more about Funding Reliance Dangers[…]

£1billion Decrease in College Reserves

College Reserves Have Dropped  a Third in Five Years   Down by £1 billion.  That’s about the same as the drop in funding. In that time we’ve seen an increase in the issue of Notices of Financial Concern. Clearly the old ways of doing things no longer work. We need to rethink the way FE Read more about £1billion Decrease in College Reserves[…]