Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

UnderFunding and Crows. UnderFunding and Crows. A Strange Mix, So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

Well, it’s quite simple. When the New Caledonian Crow was short of resources due to “underfunding” they innovated. I believe what they did points towards our future. Here is the answer to Can Crows Teach Use Lessons About UnderFunding? It’ll make you think!

We used to hear that what differentiated mankind from other animals we the fact they could fashion and make tools. Then chimps were found achieving this .. and then crows were found to excel with tools.

But that’s not all. The New Caledonian Crow has been found capable of analysing their tools and innovating. They used to use straight probes to dig grubs out of the bark in trees. Then they discovered that a hook added to the probe increased efficiency. Research shows that when a crow adds a hook they are TEN times more efficient at hooking grubs out of the holes in trees.


So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?


By reviewing our tools and systems we can improve efficiencies by as much as 1100%. If you were much more efficient wouldn’t some of your underfunding issues go away?

Where could you become more efficient? Which processes could be maximised or improved TEN fold?

It costs nothing to chat .. so why not give me a ring and have a chat about how you might improve your systems and processes .. and beat underfunding?



Check Out How Crows Use Hooks in the Video Below


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