The Yorkshire Building Society Approach to its Customers Could Impact FE Underfunding

FE Needs to Listen to Its Customers If It Is To Remain Financially Viable. And that often means provoking a conversation rather than being passive. If you’ve learnt anything about complaints its that they are a great way to get an insight into what is troubling your prospects and students. But what sort of listening strategy Read more about The Yorkshire Building Society Approach to its Customers Could Impact FE Underfunding[…]

Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing

Provider Marketing research Indicates that The Bigger the Marketing Budget the Smaller the ROI. Most Colleges Are “UnderFunded” So Let’s Consider Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing.   It’s ironic really but over the last few years I’ve reviewed the marketing of providers where the budget has ranged from £35k to way over Read more about Why Most Providers Spend Too Much on Marketing[…]

Who Controls Your College or Training Organisation?

College Incorporation Fooled Many People into Thinking They Controlled Colleges. Some Thought That Because The Corporation Had Legal Ownership They “Owned” the College. But Incorporation or “Legal Ownership” Isn’t The Same as Control.   It’s a bit like people that think they own their businesses when the reality is that the bank owns most of Read more about Who Controls Your College or Training Organisation?[…]

Notices of Financial Concern are Being Triggered by Outdated Practices

Notices of Financial Concern Are Hitting More & More Providers. Sometimes They Are Triggered by Non Payment of Invoices and Sometimes By Outdated Practices Being Used For example the ESFA recently reported on a provider where they stated “colleges finances were poor with some accounting still being done in hand written ledgers.” Soon after the Read more about Notices of Financial Concern are Being Triggered by Outdated Practices[…]

Providers Lose Income When They Try to Sell to the Wrong Person

So you’ve probed the client’s issues and they’re enthusuastic. They’ve had an “aha” moment – you’ve shared new insights and thinking and they fully trust you’re the expert in this field. And you’ve explored the impact of the problem – you can see they feel the pain and they need to fix it urgently. In Read more about Providers Lose Income When They Try to Sell to the Wrong Person[…]

How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

A Lot of People You Meet, Visit Your Website or  Engage with You on Social Media Might Become Customers. But Most Will Not. So How Do You Nurture Them and Encourage Them to Convert From “Maybe” to Definite?   Today this is much easier and lower cost than its ever been. The Internet has changed everything. Read more about How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost[…]

Don’t Overspend on PR When Opening New Premises or Buildings

So Often FE Complains of Being Underfunded and Then Spends Huge Sums on the Official Openings of New Buildings, Mergers and Other Events   It’s total madness. There is no way that bringing in a celebrity to cut a ribbon is going to have more than a marginal impact on learning, recruitment or anything else associated with FE’s key objectives. Read more about Don’t Overspend on PR When Opening New Premises or Buildings[…]

How to Market a College Commercial Activities such as Restaurants

Commercial Activity in FE Colleges  includes Restaurants, Hair and Beauty Salons & GymsCollege Restaurants are a Common Commercial Activity in FE Colleges. Commercial Activity in FE Colleges is Essential for Several Reasons; It Provides Students with Commercial Experience. Equally as Important for Underfunded Education, It Provides an Additional Income Stream

Sadly many commercial activities such as restaurants, hair and beauty salons and gyms fail to provide the necessary amount of experience the students deserve. And they don’t often generate the level of income and profit generation expected. Why does Commercial Activity in FE Colleges fail?

To answer that there’s a question that has to be asked: how can customer numbers and commercial income be improved to the levels required? And in the context of this post; How do you successfully market a college restaurant?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my latest book. And although I wrote it from the perspective of all commercial restaurants and related businesses; the advice given is relevant to any FE commercial venture. Marketing skills, strategies and tactics are transferable!

To write the book I’ve visited college restaurants, gyms, hair and beauty salons, plus commercial catering premises in the UK, Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa and Eire. I’ve also sought the advice of restaurant owners, MDs and managers internationally. […]

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?The Correct Data Needs to Be Defined if We Are to Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data

But how do we be sure we are making Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

The old mantra says that if you can’t see, or define it, you can’t measure it.

So step one on making decisions is to understand and agree what data is required to measure and evaluate things.

In FE you can’t argue that marketing is doing really well based solely on website hits, Facebook likes or marketing spend. What really matters are how many bums get on seats.

Along the way we can measure website hits .. but no one has to go to the website to get their bum on a seat. We can measure Facebook likes … but no one needs a Facebook account to put their bum on a seat. And how much you spend is immaterial .. except I’d like to see you spend much less and get better results.

The one thing that is sure is that spending more on marketing doesn’t help balance to income/expenditure see-saw.

We also know that if you’ve kept very good records that the interim measurement s like website hits may roughly correlate to the number of bums on seats. But it is a crude metric at best.

But there’s more to it than this. […]