How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost

A Lot of People You Meet, Visit Your Website or  Engage with You on Social Media Might Become Customers. But Most Will Not. So How Do You Nurture Them and Encourage Them to Convert From “Maybe” to Definite?   Today this is much easier and lower cost than its ever been. The Internet has changed everything. Read more about How to Nurture “Maybe” Prospects at Nil Cost[…]

Don’t Overspend on PR When Opening New Premises or Buildings

So Often FE Complains of Being Underfunded and Then Spends Huge Sums on the Official Openings of New Buildings, Mergers and Other Events   It’s total madness. There is no way that bringing in a celebrity to cut a ribbon is going to have more than a marginal impact on learning, recruitment or anything else associated with FE’s key objectives. Read more about Don’t Overspend on PR When Opening New Premises or Buildings[…]

How to Market a College Commercial Activities such as Restaurants

Commercial Activity in FE Colleges  includes Restaurants, Hair and Beauty Salons & GymsCollege Restaurants are a Common Commercial Activity in FE Colleges. Commercial Activity in FE Colleges is Essential for Several Reasons; It Provides Students with Commercial Experience. Equally as Important for Underfunded Education, It Provides an Additional Income Stream

Sadly many commercial activities such as restaurants, hair and beauty salons and gyms fail to provide the necessary amount of experience the students deserve. And they don’t often generate the level of income and profit generation expected. Why does Commercial Activity in FE Colleges fail?

To answer that there’s a question that has to be asked: how can customer numbers and commercial income be improved to the levels required? And in the context of this post; How do you successfully market a college restaurant?

These are just some of the questions I answer in my latest book. And although I wrote it from the perspective of all commercial restaurants and related businesses; the advice given is relevant to any FE commercial venture. Marketing skills, strategies and tactics are transferable!

To write the book I’ve visited college restaurants, gyms, hair and beauty salons, plus commercial catering premises in the UK, Spain, Portugal, USA, South Africa and Eire. I’ve also sought the advice of restaurant owners, MDs and managers internationally. […]

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

Are Your Decisions Based On Accurate Data?The Correct Data Needs to Be Defined if We Are to Make Decisions Based On Accurate Data

But how do we be sure we are making Decisions Based On Accurate Data?

The old mantra says that if you can’t see, or define it, you can’t measure it.

So step one on making decisions is to understand and agree what data is required to measure and evaluate things.

In FE you can’t argue that marketing is doing really well based solely on website hits, Facebook likes or marketing spend. What really matters are how many bums get on seats.

Along the way we can measure website hits .. but no one has to go to the website to get their bum on a seat. We can measure Facebook likes … but no one needs a Facebook account to put their bum on a seat. And how much you spend is immaterial .. except I’d like to see you spend much less and get better results.

The one thing that is sure is that spending more on marketing doesn’t help balance to income/expenditure see-saw.

We also know that if you’ve kept very good records that the interim measurement s like website hits may roughly correlate to the number of bums on seats. But it is a crude metric at best.

But there’s more to it than this. […]

Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding

Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFundingYour Next New Customer Is Likely to Be An Existing Customer Provided You Over Deliver on Your Promises. For Success, You Need to Know How Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding Works.

What I’m going to explain applies to 16-19 and employers depending on how you deliver it. There is a Formula to Over Delivering Your Way Through UnderFunding 

Get this right and people come back to you again and again .. or recommend you to others.

I hate the word “superpleasing” but that is the word David Maister uses in his book  “Managing the Professional Services Firm” and the principle applies to FE as much as any other professional business.

And with underfunding being a major issue we need to find ways to get extra bums on seats whilst not spending too much.


How You Can Deliver Insights to Induce Employers to Buy Training

Don't Compete on Prove; Deliver Insights That Encourage Clients to BuyIf You Compete on Price Someone Will Always Beat Your Price. But If You Deliver Insights to Prospects They Are Much More Likely to Buy.

Imagine the scene. You get called in to meet an employer. You check out their need and seem to get along really well with them. Away you go, you write a proposal and quickly send it off. Then nothing happens. The silence is deafening.

Why don’t they come back? Why don’t they jump at the chance to work with you?

Let’s face it this, or something similar, has happened to all of us at some time.

If you eventually get to speak to them they explain that a new big project has come up, that they are just waiting for the new website to be launched / new manager to start / the new moon to rise/gone with another provider. … I guess we’ve all heard 1001 different reasons why they don’t want to go forward at that time.

If they went to another provider because of your price you lost a piece of business that could have been won .. at your price .. if you’d have provided insights.

Finding Prospects is hard enough without making it harder.


The Real Reason Isn’t Price … It’s About How You Deliver Insights to Justify your Price

The real reason you lost the project was quite likely that you focused on price and didn’t provide any insights. Or you didn’t bring new insights.

Let me explain how to remedy this.  […]

Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

UnderFunding and Crows. UnderFunding and Crows. A Strange Mix, So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?

Well, it’s quite simple. When the New Caledonian Crow was short of resources due to “underfunding” they innovated. I believe what they did points towards our future. Here is the answer to Can Crows Teach Use Lessons About UnderFunding? It’ll make you think!

We used to hear that what differentiated mankind from other animals we the fact they could fashion and make tools. Then chimps were found achieving this .. and then crows were found to excel with tools.

But that’s not all. The New Caledonian Crow has been found capable of analysing their tools and innovating. They used to use straight probes to dig grubs out of the bark in trees. Then they discovered that a hook added to the probe increased efficiency. Research shows that when a crow adds a hook they are TEN times more efficient at hooking grubs out of the holes in trees.


So What Can Crows Teach Us About UnderFunding?


The One About the Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees

In my Recent FE News article I spoke about Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees I said, “Over recent years you will have undoubtedly have heard of bitcoins and the technology that powers them, the blockchain. The two are synonymous in the minds of many but are in fact only loosely related in reality. The blockchain is Read more about The One About the Blockchains, MicroDegrees and BitDegrees[…]

Using Chatline Optimisation to Save Money and Increase Income

Education UnderFunding Brings Out the Micawber in Providers If we can’t increase our funding we need to cut costs and/or optimise the funding we do have. Some providers have a distinct advantage here. These are the providers that use website based Chatlines .. especially if they use Pubble. The reason for saying this is that Read more about Using Chatline Optimisation to Save Money and Increase Income[…]

How to Use Chatline Data to Improve Recruitment

Providers Collect Huge Amounts of  Data. But They Often Fail to Use this Big Data. In this Webinar, I’ll Explain How to Use Chatline Data to Drive Recruitment & Sales Chatlines have really taken off in the education and retail sectors. In some countries, not a college or university is without a web-based chatline. And these chatlines Read more about How to Use Chatline Data to Improve Recruitment[…]